Singapore –
The Gateway to Asia

PrimePartners Capital can connect investors and general partners and fund managers between Europe and Asia:


  1. NPrime helps European Institutions seeking access to the Asian Market.​​
  2. NPrime is a leading provider of investment solutions in South East Asia, with a focus on quality and value.​
  3. We have a strong network of investors, who trust us to connect them with the best opportunities in Asia and the world.​
  4. NPrime can provide access to institutions and family offices of the region, who are looking for partners to collaborate and grow together.​
  5. We can establish your funds and strategies from Singapore, giving you the presence and exposure to the region.​
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Shows how a VCC is structured with a main fund and sub funds with NPrime SG as a the fund manager

Fund Management
– Singapore VCC


N PrimePartners Capital can help you with all your needs to set up and manage a Singapore Variable Capital Company (VCC)​

A Variable Capital Company (VCC) is a corporate structure designed specifically for investment funds. It offers several advantages for investors and general partners when setting up a fund:​


Scalability and Flexibility:

  • VCC allows for unlimited sub-funds as the fund grows and expands.​

Tax Exemptions:

  • VCC can benefit from very attractive tax exemptions.​

Investment Universe:

  • VCC provides unbounded flexibility to invest across various asset classes, including private, public and real estate.​

​We assist General Partners, accredited investors, fund managers and advisors in establishing and operating investment funds in Singapore, providing them with access to our local expertise.

We leverage on Singapore’s robust regulatory framework, legal system and favourable tax landscape, which is among the most appealing globally.

Our Services include:

  • Establishment of a VCC​
  • Registration of the Fund at our address​
  • Implementation of the Investment Policy​
  • Responsibility in front of the regulator​
  • Independent risk and compliance oversight​
  • Oversight of third-party service providers​
  • Portfolio Management​
  • Introduction of potential LPs through our distribution channels​
  • Fund Directorship

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